How energy efficient is your house?

Many of us build our own houses to escape the high and escalating rent but they end up paying energy bills that are more than the rent they used to pay thanks to the poor design of their building. There is no doubt that aesthetic aspect of a building cannot be ignored but what is the need of having a beautiful house that is a liability. All of this week, I will be discussing how you can have a beautiful ho where you pay minimum energy bills…talk of having your cake and eating it.

Meanwhile you can log on to to know more about these measures that include…solar water heating, LED lighting, energy audits among others.


Renewable Energy – The only way to the future

“In 1859 the human race discovered a huge treasure chest in its basement. This was oil and gas, a fantastically cheap and easily available source of energy. We did, or at least some of us did, what anybody does who discovers a treasure in the basement – live it up, and we have been spending this treasure with great enjoyment” – Kenneth E. Boulding (1978)

And using it up precariously with wanton abandon, finding any possible way to exploit the abundant energy we’re soon to run out of. Much like the fable with the ant saving food for the winter and the grasshopper playing all summer long until he finds no food to live on in the winter. The problem here is we don’t have a big brother that we can rely on when our energy stores are depleted. It may be a long winter’s night indeed.

What incentives are needed for society and governments to truly start taking the need for alternative energy sources seriously? The affluent won’t adopt new technologies because they can afford to pay for energy prices, therefore, we need to force the issue any way we can so that renewable energy sources can become accessible for all.

As we are finding out, the party is really over.

Kids….they are just amazing.

Am glad am a father. It was confusing when I first became a father when I was still in fourth year in college but I now know the true meaning of being a father and…living. I hope you will follow me through as I take you through the steps…Am glad my last born son will be turning 2 years on 5th November 2011…

He can now call his big sister Eunice and struggles with his brothers name Enrique. He calls him Chichi for Ricky.

God bless my family.

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