50 MW Solar Park in Garissa Kenya will be among the largest in Africa

Great for Northern Kenya and Kenya as a whole.

Greening Kenya

A 50-MW solar power plant is in the planning stages for Garissa in the northern region of Kenya. It will be one of the largest grid-connected solar power plants in Africa.

It will be curious to see how many homes in the local area it can power. In the United States, a megawatt has been estimated to be enough to power 500 to 1,000 homes. In Kenya, the average home may use quite a bit less electricity.

The town of Garissa has about 65,000 residents. Just for the sake of example, say there are four residents per home, or about 15,000 homes. A 50-MW in this area could meet all the electricity needs, and beyond.

“We are pleased to be a part of Kenya’s push towards clean-tech development and commitment to renewable energy. As a market leader in the solar energy business, JinkoSolar will play a key role in supply…

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